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Dry Docking & Repairs

Dry Docking at Master Marine, Inc.

Our new 750 ton floating drydock (152 ft long x 46 ft clearance inside the wingwalls) can handle your quick repairs or bottom service work wiith 10' draft above the blocks and available for your OSV, tug boat, pushboat, crew boat, passenger vessel, barge or other type of vessel repairs.

To better serve our customers we have upgraded our production facility and expanded our north yard to receive additional vessels hauled out with our MarineTravelift and our south yard for towboat construction.


Dry Docking and Repair Gallery

Saginaw 2015 005 Saginaw 2015 005
Towboat drydocking Towboat drydocking
Ferry repairs Ferry repairs
Towboat haulouts Towboat haulouts
Blast and painting Blast and painting
Special project repairs Special project repairs
OSV Repairs OSV Repairs
Towboat retrofits and engine… Towboat retrofits and engine…
Kort nozzle repairs Kort nozzle repairs
Engine and gear repairs Engine and gear repairs
Aluminum repairs Aluminum repairs


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